Recipe Gallery - Sun Tin Day Cafe - Hong Kong Style Restaurant / Bistro (Dine-in & Takeaway) Tel: (604) 336-6168 * 5137 Victoria Drive, Vancouver, V5P 3V1, BC Specializing in Chinese Cuisine, Chinese food, Cantonese food, Beijing food, Peking food, Shanghai food, Szechwan food, Hunan food, Shantung food, special appetizers, side dishes, duck dishes, fishes and king pawn dishes, beef, pork and lamb dishes, chicken dishes, sweet and sour dishes, curry and red curry dishes, vegetable and vegetarian dishes, chop suey dishes, omelette dishes, rice and noodle dishes, set meals, special set lunch, banquet night, good tasty Chinese fry chicken, roast duck, roast chicken, sweet and sour pork, hot pot, mushroom, mouth-watering Chinese Dishes, cooked rice, fry rice, chips. 新天地港式茶餐廳(中餐菜館 - 外賣及堂食) 加拿大溫哥華維多利亞道5137號 V5P 3V1 --- 重質又重量,抵食夾太件,專業中國式小菜、粵菜,北京菜,上海菜,四川菜,湖南菜,山東菜,喜慶宴會,大小宴席,午餐,晚餐,選料新鮮,因應中式餐飲之潮流,不斷創新菜餚款式,歡迎光臨!