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Sun Tin Day Cafe is a Hong Kong Style Cafe / Bistro serving delicious Western and Chinese Cuisines, Set Breakfast, Tea-Breaks, Snacks, Lunch & Dinner, Dine-in & Takeaway, etc. The chef, having cooking and food-design experience over decades, always believes that nutritious and delicious meal is a true comfort in life.

Cook with passion

Even until today, the chef and his team continue to concentrate their efforts in preparing traditional and innovative Hong Kong style cuisines combining with Asian and Western concepts through their love and passion for cooking.

Service with sincerity

It is well-known to the public that the quantity and quality of our recipes are big and nice with reasonable prices. You are cordially invited to visit us to have your wonderful leisure time! Come to enjoy the friendly and home-like atmosphere!


新天地主廚擁有多年烹飪和菜式設計經驗,始終相信營養美味的膳食是生活中真正的享受。 至今,主廚和他的團隊仍然繼續集中力量,通過對烹飪的熱誠,將傳統創新的香港風格與亞洲和西方概念結合起來烹調奉客。這港式茶餐廳,供應美味的西式和中國菜,早餐,茶點,小食,午餐和晚餐,可堂食,自助帶走等。



誠摯邀請您,和您的摯愛親朋光臨,享受我們融會中西文化的美食及友善和家庭般的氣氛! 一同渡過美好的休閒時光!

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special dishes

Sun Tin Day offers special dishes in several occassions. Come and enjoy!